Drupal AMP Theme

I created an AMP subtheme for Drupal 7. To complement the Lullabot AMP library, I created a simple PHP function for replacing images with amp-img, and also implemented the amp-social-share, amp-youtube, amp-sidebar and amp-analytics components and tags. My amp custom CSS is minified using a Gulp task.

AMP Theme Page Preview

From Concept To Production

I recently completed a project to migrate ~1000 blog posts from Wordpress to a custom Drupal template. Click the screenshots below to view in more detail, and below I will describe the technical process involved.

finished production site

Litmus Email Testing


Building and testing emails with Litmus is great, the instant previews in multiple email clients is a huge time saver.

React App

I created an app using React, it's an interactive "conversation" which asks you questions and responds appriopriately to your answers. It uses videojs and howler too.

Below are some screenshots and my hand drawn user flow map.

React App 1 React App 2 React App 3 React App 4

Side project launched - RotorRatings.com


A little side project that I've been working on for most of 2016. Ratings, reviews, build lists, comparisons for drone parts. Build in Drupal 7, integrating my own custom modules and many excellent contrib modules. All images automatically synced to my S3 bucket on AWS.